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Opening of Schneider Electric green intelligent manufacturing Innovation Summit in 2021


May 20th, 2021—— "At present, the impact of the COVID-19 on the global economy continues; in response to climate change, the Chinese government has also made solemn commitments to carbon neutrality and carbon peak, and the pressure for carbon reduction is gradually emerging; at the same time, the impact of the shortage of professionals on industry is further increasing... Industrial enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The good news is that green intelligent manufacturing is becoming the most powerful weapon to help industrial enterprises cope with challenges." At the 2021 Schneider Electric green intelligent manufacturing innovation summit opened today, pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, said.

Facing the uncertain future, Schneider Electric has put forward the concept of "green intelligent manufacturing" in 2019, advocating to help enterprises realize informatization, automation, digitalization, greening and networking of production and operation through the comprehensive use of information technology, operation technology, data technology, energy technology and communication technology, so as to improve the efficiency, toughness and sustainability of the industry, so as to move towards the future industry. As an annual industry event, the 2021 Schneider Electric green intelligent manufacturing Innovation Summit attracted industry leaders, experts, ecological partners, well-known economists and other celebrities from the industrial field to share and discuss the challenges and opportunities of carbon neutrality, digital transformation cases, the development trend of open automation and the implementation of innovative technologies.

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