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2021 international display technology conference held in Beijing


The 2021 International Display Technology Conference (ICDT 2021), hosted by the international information display Society (SID), was grandly opened in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 31, 2021. The conference attracted more than 1000 participants. Well known entrepreneurs and academics in the global display field gathered together to conduct in-depth exchanges around information display technology and industrial development.

Site of the 2021 International Display Technology Conference (ICDT 2021)

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Dr. liuweidong, chairman of SID Beijing Branch and chief scientist of Hisense video technology. Chairman of ICDT 2021 conference, chairman of the three regions across the Straits of Sid and Professor pengjunbiao of South China University of technology delivered a speech on behalf of the conference organizers. Pengjunbiao said that ICDT has ushered in its fifth year. China's display industry is developing very rapidly and the display industry is blooming everywhere. This year's ICDT has made new development and progress compared with previous years. For example, it has undertaken the "new display and strategic electronic materials" key special display direction technology seminar, the future technology development seminar of the display industry, the vehicle mounted display and Intelligent Lighting Forum, the interactive rich media technology and Industry Forum, the microled and laser display key technology route seminar, and so on. The development of display technology in China is obvious to all, and has a very good outstanding performance in all links of the industrial chain.

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