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Shandong Lingong has always been practicing a very exemplary public welfare road with care and responsibility


On June 22, the 18th "world brand conference" hosted by the world brand lab was grandly held in Beijing, becoming a grand event for enterprises to jointly discuss brand, economy and management topics and share the century strategic feast. In the 2021 analysis report released at the meeting, temporary works was listed again for eight consecutive years with a strong strength of 50.366 billion yuan, the brand value increased by 8.777 billion yuan over the previous year, and the market performance and brand credibility were highly affirmed.

The national team of Chinese brands obtained by the world brand laboratory based on financial analysis, consumer behavior analysis and brand strength analysis is also known as "Chinese brand Oscar" in the industry. This time, it was listed on the list and achieved a significant increase in brand value, fully demonstrating the extraordinary enterprise strength and brand influence of temporary workers.

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